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Here are some links to interesting organizations, musical artists, ensembles, and companies that specialize in 1920s and '30s style that you may also enjoy learning about.

Art Deco Society Of California , San Francisco
Art Deco Society of  Los Angeles
Theresa LaQuey Couture, designer of vintage clothing and gowns, Oakland
Tom Bopp pianist, singer, and Yosemite historian at the Wawona Hotel , Yosemite National Park
Peter Mintun, Musicologist and pianist, Manhattan
Vince Girordano, Music historian and bandleader, Brooklyn
Rusty Frank, Dance historian and performer, Los Angeles
Frederick Hodges, Musicologist, Ragtime and jazz pianist, singer, San Francisco
Matias Bombal, cinema historian, critic, and public announcer, Sacramento
Steve Torrico, train historian and vintage percussionist, Chicago
Cynthia Glinka Ballroom Dance Teacher, groups, couples, and individual, San Francisco
Max Raabe  Bandleader and singer, Palast Orchester, Berlin
Alex Mendham   Bandleader, London
Fat Babies, Jazz Band, Chicago
Dan Levinson , Reeds, music historian
Clint Baker , Trumpet, guitar, bass, music historian
Marty Eggers, Ragtime pianist, musicologist
Steve Apple vintage percussionist
Bob Embry, reeds, music historian
Original Prague Syncopaters  Orchestra in Prague
Pasadena Roof Orchestra  Orchestra in London
Bratislava Hot Serenaders  Orchestra in Bratislava
Mora's Modern Rhythmists  Orchestra in Los Angeles
Singapore Slingers  Orchestra in Houston
Ellis Island Boys  Band at Disneyland, Anaheim